Private residence


Let us keep your home clean and tidy so that it is not a burden for you in everyday life.

At Grønlands Multi Rengøring I / S, we always do our best to keep your home clean and presentable . At the same time, we always prioritize the hygienic principles and make sure that they are always observed.

How we clean your home:

Your only task at the main cleaning is to empty the cupboards so we can get to. Of course, you can also choose additional services. We offer, among other things, cleaning of the oven.

Wiping and plastering windows

Wiping of all horizontal surfaces

Wiping of lamps, floors and cabinet doors

Exterior cleaning of refrigerator

Cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, handles and panel

Vacuuming and washing floors

Cleaning the kitchen sink

Steam washing of carpets and sofas

Garbage emptying and filling

How do we perform main cleaning?

Interior and exterior washing of kitchen doors

Internal washing of doors on all surfaces

Cleaning of tables, frames, skirting boards and doors

Interior and exterior cleaning of refrigerator

You can choose to supplement your regular cleaning with our extra services such as ironing, linen change, etc. We are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, but we value honesty and quality. No matter how well you do the daily cleaning, there is always a need for cleaning.